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Stalker Sambar Call

Stealth Sambar Call

Pretty Maiden Cow Elk Call

Pretty Maiden Elk Call

Place the black biting band in your mouth between your front  upper and lower teeth.  

1) Bite down on the black biting band (this closes the opening of the call).

2) Blow into the call while simultaneously relieving the pressure on your bite until you can get a high or cow elk sound pitch that escapes the call.

3) Once you are able to make this sound, make it again, and then afterwards let off the pressure of your bite and simultaneously lower the amount of air you are trying to blow through the call.  This will create the "falling off" sound or the lowering tone that many cow elk make at the tail end of the call.  

4) Making higher pitched calf elk sounds is also possible with these calls by biting further back on the biting band and increasing the pressure of air blown through the call.  This should give you a higher pitch to imitate a lost calf.  

5) This won't take long to get right.  These steps when done properly will create a smooth flowing, very authentic cow elk sound that has as good a chance of helping you Eat More Meat than any other call!


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