Our Story

Flexmark is game call and outdoor company.  We make some of the most user friendly big game calls on the market, but have now expanded into predator calls and a few basic essentials to hunting. 

Hunters on multiple continents and several countries sit down at the dinner table to a meal of fresh game because our calls helped create an opportunity for a harvest.  Big bulls, stags, hinds, does, it makes no difference to us. 

My brother Steve and I own this company and take great pride in its operation and the results we see each season as hunters tell us of successes they had.  Each picture we get back from them is a trophy for us and gives us the greatest satisfaction.

We are a family owned business doing our best to work several jobs at once to bring you the Pretty Maiden, Sambar Stalker, Sambar Stealth, and other products. We don't have factories and warehouses and dozens of employees. Its just our families working hard late into the night after our day jobs ends. Similar to the tech start-ups that begin in a garage, we're taking the fight to the big brand names and providing a great product at a price hunters need. 


To inquire about becoming a dealer of Flexmark calls, email us at sales@flexmarkoutdoors.com  We are very responsive to email and all social media platforms.