You Really Must Give These Calls a Try!

Introducing the Pretty Maiden Cow elk call!

Australian & Island Harvests!

Our Sambar calls have proven very successful in multiple countries and continents in calling in Sambar Deer of various species.  Darren Tuohey and his son Jye out of Australia have taken two or three deer just in March 2020 with our calls!  Johnathan Perez and Eric San Nicolas have been just as successful in the pacific islands!  They are doing some amazing things with these calls!

Why buy our calls?

The #Pretty Maiden is one of the most reliable and authentic sounding cow elk calls on the market.  The Sambar deer call is also calling in sambar on multiple islands, continents, and is proven very effective for multiple species of sambar.  

Each one is hand made in America and hand tested.  Novices and experts alike can easily make stunning cow elk and calf sounds with this call in a matter of a few tries!

2019 bull taken by Beth Anne Davis & Rut ā€œNā€ Bull Guide Service of Arizona

Calling in big bull elk!

See the sambar deer call below!

The Pretty Maiden gets it done!


"I’ve been using your calls for a couple years and believe they are far superior to anything else. I called in this 340 Roosevelt bull yesterday and am tickled pink. Thanks for making a killer product.” 

Travis, October 2018

" the calls in this morning! Best sounding easiest to use cow call I have ever used! Why are these not in every Cabelas and Bass pro shop out there?" 

Ron, August 2018

"Just returned from Utah after harvesting a nice archery spike elk using your cow call. I was the only hunter consistently calling in elk out of all my buddies that week thanks to your call. Due to all the questions I gave them your website information."

Matt August, 2018