Australian & Island Harvests!

Our sambar Stalker calls have proven extremely successful in multiple countries calling in sambar deer of various species.  Sean Knight in Australia called in a stag & hind on back to back months in July, 2020. Eric San Nicolas has also seen phenomenal success with the Stalker.  These calls flat out work!

Why buy our calls?

The Pretty Maiden is one of the most reliable and authentic sounding cow elk calls on the market.  The sambar Stalker deer call is also calling in sambar on multiple continents, and is proven very effective for multiple species of sambar.  

Each one is hand made in America and hand tested. Novices and experts alike can easily make stunning calls sounds within a matter of minutes, usually moments.

Tristan & the Pretty Maiden get it done!

One of the most authentic, easiest to learn, and certainly the toughest calls on the planet!

Free domestic shipping in the USA & Guam on orders of $50 or more!

You may not believe this. But watch anyway as we call along with elk calling guru Paul Medel of Elknuttapp

2019 bull taken with help from the Pretty Maiden. Beth Anne Davis & Rut “N” Bull Guide Service of Arizona (scored 372)

Calling in big bull elk!

Watch our dealer call in a sambar on camera!

See the sambar deer call below!