Sambar Stalker 5 pack
Sambar Stalker 5 pack
Sambar Stalker 5 pack
Sambar Stalker 5 pack

Sambar Stalker 5 pack

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These calls have proven deadly for calling in Sambar stags and hinds from Australia to Malaysia to the Pacific Islands.  Our first orders to New Zealand have also gone out. This is the most unique & only sambar call on the market that we are aware of. There is no silver bullet for hunting, but these calls really do work well.  Hunters from all over Australia continue sending us success stories and praising our calls.  Every call comes with a clasp ring that you can thread through the call if you want to hang it from a lanyard.  Don't forget your Sambar Stalker T-shirt and Flexmark carabiner lanyard before you check out! 


Flexmark will not offer refunds for long shipping times and delays, especially in this Covid-19 environment.  INTERNATIONAL BUYERS TAKE ON THE RISK THAT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING BRINGS.  Generally speaking, deliveries arrive 99% of the time.  In almost two years, we have only seen 2-3 packages lost or undelivered in hundreds of orders.  It may take 7 business days to 10-12 weeks in extreme circumstances for your product to arrive.  Most orders arrive in 2-3 weeks time of shipping. 


After shooting both  a stag and hind on consecutive days, Sean Knight of Australia said this,

“I could hear deer moving in the thick bush below me so I gave a few calls on the caller and this hind came charging out.  Shot her at 15 meters.  That’s two deer to the caller in two day.  They definitely work.”

Another hunter said this in July, 2020 “Tested the call this morning.  My m8 and I were in shock that we couldn’t even get a shot off because this hind came running in to about 10 meters away until it got to my dog, then it bolted, but a quick call and it stopped, then bolted again. Then called in another two in thick stuff that couldn’t get a shot on either.  Big thumbs up on the caller m8, they bloody work”. 

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