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2019 Ford Ranger

A few things I am liking about the Ranger include. 

1. 8.9” ground clearance vs Colorado’s 8.2”

2. Could order a basic XL model & get vinyl floors.  A plus for hunting season. This still allows you to add the Off-road FX4 package.

3.  Ten speed auto transmission is standard & has quite a bit of torque & towing capability and quickness.  

Things I don’t like about the Ranger. 

1.  Rear seat configuration is one solid bench not a 60/40 split. To lift up seat the backseat must be completely empty. And it doesn’t fold down flat like others in the class. 

2. Fords stated MPG ratings seem misleading on the Ranger. Ford opened an internal investigation/audit on themselves after employees raised the issue w mpg figures. Some great YouTube videos highlighting this issue. 

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